Management accounts

Trusted touch points: your regular financial check up to help your business grow

As you'd expect from a good accountant we can prepare annual accounts and tax returns that tell you how you've performed (and how much tax you need to pay). But we think it's better to look forward. To use up to date financial information to anticipate the challenges and opportunities that await you rather than simply reporting on what was. We're not financial historians: we're your profit improvement experts!

Interim accounts

Interim accounts are a useful tool for pre-year end tax planning. They can also be required by your bank if you’re submitting a loan or overdraft application.

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Business Review Meetings

Why not Invite us in to meet you every quarter? We’ll use your monthly or quarterly management accounts as part of a regular, flexible and tailored agenda. We’ll cover things like financial performance, future plans, and pressing business issues in most of the meetings. And we’ll also talk through anything else that’s on your mind.

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Virtual Finance Director

A Virtual Finance Director (or Virtual FD) is a new service which give you access to an experienced finance professional at a fraction of the cost of a full time FD.

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KPI Reports

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) help you monitor your business performance. They provide you with a roadmap you can use to keep your business on track. And they keep you honest by helping make sure you do what you need to continually improve your business.

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Cashflow reporting

​“Cash is King” as the old saying goes. And they weren’t wrong. Even the most profitable businesses can run out of cash if you don’t collect money from their customers or you fail to pay your tax liabilities on time.

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