Food & Drink

We have vast experience with businesses within the food and drink industry in Edinburgh. Our goal is to cut the complexity and save you time.

Food and drink businesses can often drown in paperwork. Through the power of technology let us cut the complexity...

Our clients in this sector include

  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Pubs
  • Bars
  • Hotels
  • Food & Drink retailers
  • Off-licences



Xero is one of the biggest cloud accounting packages. It makes your business life easier and connects with over 300 add-on cloud software apps

VAT Schemes

​If you thought there was just one way to account for VAT, then think again!


Bookkeeping. That thing that always seems to end up at the bottom of a business owners to-do list

Xero and Freeagent Support

Xero and Freeagent are excellent financial management tools for the business owner. And we provide support and training to introduce you to right package for your business.

Cloud App Consultancy

Businesses now use a huge range of systems and software packages that are integral to their operation. Whatever the process there seems to be a Cloud based application to make it better (“there’s an app for that…!”).

Xero and FreeAgent training

Most business owners have little or no accounting knowledge when they first start out. Why would you?! But we think a helping hand at the beginning can make a big difference.


Expertise where it’s needed: Put the complexity of VAT in the hands of our specialists

Business Review Meetings

Why not Invite us in to meet you every quarter? We’ll use your monthly or quarterly management accounts as part of a regular, flexible and tailored agenda. We’ll cover things like financial performance, future plans, and pressing business issues in most of the meetings. And we’ll also talk through anything else that’s on your mind.

Other clients