Packages & Pricing

Today's small business owner wants the certainty of fixed fee accounting services. They also want an experienced accountancy team, who is on their side and able to support them as their business grows. We know that every client is unique and individual. We also like to keep things simple when it comes to telling clients what we can do to help them. And that is why we build our services around three packages options which are designed to take care of the taxman, help you plan for growth, and act as a virtual finance department as your business develops.

We have imaginatively called these packages Gold, Silver and Bronze. We’ve outlined how each package might look, and what your investment will be. You can think of them as like a pick and mix, as we are happy to tailor packages to your individual requirements. Some of our smallest clients go for a Gold package, while some of the larger ones just want the compliance support that is included in a Bronze package.

The table below gives a flavour of which package might be suitable for your business. You can also read more about how much your investment in accountancy services will be here.

One Accounting packages and pricing

Business Growth

By growing your business profitably you can increase your personal wealth, improve your financial security, have a better lifestyle and pass more down


Business Control

From £400 + VAT per month
Does it sometimes feel like your business is running you, rather than the other way around? We’ll help put you in control of your business.


Time Saver

From £200 + VAT per month
Does it feel like the Government and HMRC are putting more and more burdens on you as the business owner? Do you ever wish you had more free time to…