Cloud Accounting

Real time accounting information. Customisable add-ons. Expert advice

​Cloud accounting software gives you full access to your accounts through the Internet. It gives you incredible control and flexibility and means we - as your accountant - can give dynamic and real time advice to you and your business.

Although cloud accounting is a fairly recent trend, One Accounting were early adopters. We’ve been helping lead the online charge and using software like Xero and Freeagent ever since they were launched in the UK.

What are the benefits for small business? Here’s our top five:

  1. Instant access: Check your accounting position 24/7. From any device and from anywhere with an Internet connection
  2. Simple and secure: The software we use is user friendly, secure, and easy to learn. It’s also developed for your business (and not for your accountant)
  3. Low fixed cost: You pay an inexpensive monthly subscription and not a one off cost. For that you get free updates and will always be using the latest version
  4. Real time advice: Your accountant gets full access to your records. So we can advise, we can diagnose problems, and we can provide dynamic solutions for you real time
  5. Customisable experience: There are hundreds of add-on apps which integrate with cloud software. So you can build your own tailored ecosystem of joined-up business tools Sound interesting? Take a look at how our Cloud services can help your business grow and develop or give us a call on 0131 220 015 for a chat.

Cloud App Consultancy Services

Businesses now use a huge range of systems and software packages that are integral to their operation. Whatever the process there seems to be a Cloud based application to make it better (“there’s an app for that…!”).

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Xero is one of the biggest cloud accounting packages. It makes your business life easier and connects with over 300 add-on cloud software apps

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FreeAgent is an online money management and accounting tool for small businesses of up to 10 employees. It’s also perfect for freelancers and consultants.

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Xero and FreeAgent training

Most business owners have little or no accounting knowledge when they first start out. Why would you?! But we think a helping hand at the beginning can make a big difference.

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