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Businesses now use a huge range of systems and software packages that are integral to their operation. Whatever the process there seems to be a Cloud based application to make it better (“there's an app for that...!”).

The problem is that few of these applications talk to your finance system. And that’s an issue. One that leaves you downing tools and devoting resource to manually copy and paste information.

We don’t think that’s good enough.

That’s why we offer Cloud Consultancy. It helps you bring your accounting, finance and technology apps together. We use our expertise to help you analyse your processes and find the best solution. And we help you with setup, and support you with ongoing training and guidance.

You get an integrated system that gives you the best set of controls for your business…

We can help. Get in touch or give us a call on 0131 220 015. We’d love to have a chat with you about your business and how you’d like to get better integration from your Cloud based apps.

And check out some of our recent successes below!

Case Study 1: Receipt Bank integration

Receipt Bank is all about book-keeping automation. The app gets rid of the need for manual data entry of purchase invoices and receipts.

Client: Recruitment company.

Challenge: The client had over 30 contractors who had to be paid on a weekly basis. Contractors submitted their purchase invoices on a Tuesday and were paid on the Friday which meant very little time to process.

Solution: We identified the issue and recommended they use Receipt Bank to process the contractor purchase invoices. We set up the system and integrated it with their existing processes. And we coached them through the first few runs.

Benefits: Huge time savings were made. The speed of the process meant that all the invoices could be processed, checked and paid via BACS more quickly and with less hassle.

Case study 2: Vend setup and integration

Vend is a point-of-sale and inventory management system. It allows retailers and food & drink vendors to operate a Point of Sale system from a tablet or laptop without the need for an expensive stand-alone till system.

Client: Retail outlet

Challenge: The client was setting up a new store with over 500 product lines. There was no way to understand sales
performance of individual product lines.

Solution: We worked with the company to understand the issue. We recommended Vend and helped to set up and integrate it with existing processes. We imported all product line data into Vend, assigned each product line a group, and linked it all to a barcode scanning system. Each group was allocated to one of revenue lines in the P&L.

Benefits: A much greater clarity over sales and sales performance. Client now uses Xero for an overview and Vend for a closer look at individual product sales. And an end to manual entry: sales figures all seamlessly transfer to Xero at the end of the day.

Case study 3: Re-leased setup and integration

Re-Leased is a cloud based property management software that makes life easier for property managers and owners.

Client: Property owner

Challenge: Client owns over 25 residential rental properties. There was a lack of control and clarity managing a portfolio of this size

Solution: First, we structured their Xero chart of accounts so all relevant revenues and costs were allocated to each property. Then we mapped the same coding structure to Re-Leased and integrated the systems so items like rental demands and repair costs could be logged in Re-Leased (and migrated seamlessly to Xero).

Benefits: Client can now run individual P&L reports for each property. They have visibility over the portfolio including history of activities at each property in Re-Leased. They also have the full financial picture of the overall business in Xero.