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The Ideal client

What is an Ideal client? An ideal client is the perfect fit for your products or services, not only in terms of their needs and desires but also in terms of their values, behaviours, and preferences. They will value your products or services, return to buy them over and over

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Welcome to the team!

We’ve grown our team this year, and four of our ‘newbies’ popped up to get their website profile photo taken by the fantastic Alie Calvert at Blue Sky Photography in Morningside recently.

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What expenses can I put through my business

What expenses can I put through my business?

As an established small business owner, you’re juggling the day-to-day operations while managing your cash flow. You’ve got plans for growth, and knowing exactly where you can save on tax will give you a leg up. Getting to grips with a few key concepts will help you recognise which expenses

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How do I figure out what my business is worth?

“How do I figure out what my business is worth?” is a common question that we receive from our clients. In this post, we will explore the things you need to consider. You’ve put your entrepreneurial skills and hard work into building a reliable, established business and you’re at the

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