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From time to time you may face a particularly complex tax or VAT issue. Recent examples of this we've seen include:

  • Setting transfer pricing revenue rules with a Swiss parent company that are agreeable with HMRC
  • Obtaining HMRC clearance on the valuation of shares in a newly created share option scheme
  • Determining if a UK company with customers in Spain and Bulgaria need to register for VAT in those countries
  • Establishing if a chocolate filled donut is a VATable, or non-VATable product
  • Applying for research and development tax credits for search engine optimisation activities

One of our core principles is: if we don’t have the detailed knowledge to advise you with complete certainty on a tax issue then we’ll let you know. And then we’ll find the right expert from our extensive tax network that can help.

Just like you wouldn’t expect your GP to undertake a heart transplant, so we are not afraid to call in an outside expert when we need to!

For help with specialist VAT and tax advice why not give us a call on 0131 220 0152 or send us an email