Three quick easy wins for Receipt Bank users

Receipt Bank is a great time saving app that links with Xero. Receipt Bank extracts the key information from your receipts and invoices, removing the need for time consuming manual data entry

We’ve introduced dozens of clients to the benefits of using Receipt Bank to streamline their bookkeeping.

Here are three quick easy wins to help you get the most out of Receipt Bank.

1. The three most common ways to add receipts

You can send receipts in by using the mobile app, email or uploading them directly.

How to submit items via Email:

How to submit items via mobile app:

How to submit via direct upload:

2. Use Fetch to automatically collect your bills and invoices from supplier websites, and bank statements from your bank portal.

This means that you don’t have to spend any more time logging into websites, finding your documents and downloading them. Instead, Receipt Bank will automatically check each of your authorised suppliers and banks once a week and add any new documentation straight to the inbox.

How to use invoice fetch:

3.Use Supplier Rules to establish routine behaviours

It’s common that a business will purchase the same type of goods or services from a single supplier, for example;

Uber receipts are always categorised as a travel expense

Adobe, Google, Apple & Microsoft receipts are always categorised as IT costs

Gas and Electricity bills are always categorised under utility costs

Supplier Rules automate this behaviour, so that you don’t need to review predictable paperwork from repeat suppliers.

You can use Supplier Rules to assign a default;


Invoice due date

Tax rate

Payment Method

Paid/unpaid status


Once you’ve set a supplier rule, it will be applied every time a new transaction from that supplier is uploaded to Receipt Bank. It will also be applied to every existing transaction from that supplier in the Inbox.

How to set up supplier rules:

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