How do I change accountants?

How do I change accountants?

As the owner of a fast-moving established business, the relationship with your accountant should be a collaborative partnership. You need an accountant who will be in your corner through the highs and the lows and, as it’s one of the most decisive factors in the trajectory of your business, it’s important to get right. So, how do I change accountants?

It’s good to know, it doesn’t always happen on the first try. Finding someone who really gets you, your business goals and your values can be a tricky process. The good news is, the change of accountants is fairly simple.

Think long-term when researching potential accountants.

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all. No matter what kind of business you’re running, your dream accountant is out there and specialises in your niche. Our speciality at One Accounting is serving established business owners in digital and tech, the professional services or the food and drink industry. We’re all about companies that have things to change and plans to grow.

Equally important, ask yourself if you like them. Meetings with your accountant shouldn’t be something you dread, and to us, good craic is just as important as good accounting. We know a friendly atmosphere gets the most out of everybody. We seek out partnerships that give us positive energy and people we envisage working with long-term.

When considering potential accountants, ask yourself:

  • What type of businesses do they serve?
  • Do your values align?
  • Do you get on with them?
  • What makes them different from your current accountant?
  • Are they genuinely interested in you and your business?

It’s crucial your accountant understands your business and how you operate, but ensuring you share similar values and attitudes will be the key to a long-term, successful partnership.

Notifying your current accountant doesn’t have to be awkward.

Once you’ve found an accountant who’s a great fit, you’ll need to inform your current accountant of the change. We know it can feel daunting, but if you’re changing to One Accounting, we handle a lot of the correspondence to take the hassle out of the process.

Your original letter of engagement may state a notice period, so check whether you’ll have to serve this before you can officially switch. Most of the admin will be done electronically. You just have to let them know your new accountant will be in touch to request clearance and key documents for the transfer, and we’ll handle the rest.

View the change as a fresh start for the financial future of your business.

When you change your accountant itis the start of an exciting, new chapter for your business. The most powerful relationships start with a great foundation, so it is a time to get excited about your onboarding, ask questions and be as open as possible.

When starting as a new client with One Accounting, we use the onboarding process to really get to know you and your business. We’ll ask you about your personal and business ambitions, and introduce you to the team members you’ll be working with. Our mission is to become the trusted partner that helps you bring your goals to life, and setting strong intentions from the start paves the way for a partnership with longevity.

Because we invest so much in building long-term relationships with our clients, you might not be a good fit for us if changing accountants is a regular occurrence for you. Trust is important to us; it’s what excellent relationships are built on, and we know we can provide the best advice when our clients keep us in the loop. We’re here for all aspects of your business – your ups and downs, the good and the bad. When we know what you’re trying to achieve, we can provide the strongest support.

It’s time to have a partner in your corner to support you with the big decisions.

Our job is to give you advice for those big decisions, to build your confidence and to take the weight off your shoulders. We work best with clients who approach working with us as a partnership, and we’ll never leave you to just “figure it out”. Accounts can be intimidating, and even more so if you’ve had a disappointing experience with a past accountant.

That’s where we step in. Get in touch and see how we can support you.

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