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VAT Inspections are commonplace and they involve a visit from an HMRC officer. There are no hard and fast rules on how often (or infrequently) you’ll receive an inspection, but by using our VAT returns service you can make sure that your VAT records are accurate, accessible and up to date.

VAT inspections can take the form of:

  • A books and records check
  • A full VAT enquiry, if HMRC suspect VAT has been misreported

We can attend the meeting with the VAT inspector and deal with any information requests on your behalf. And, by subscribing to our Fee Protection Service, any accounting fees incurred by you for the Inspection will be covered (as long as we have prepared and filed your VAT returns).

Do you have a VAT inspection coming up? We can help. Just email or call our team at One Accounting on 0131 220 0152 for a chat about what to do next.

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