​VAT is the most complicated part of small business finance. You're performing the role of an unpaid VAT collector for HMRC and the penalties for getting it wrong are severe. But you certainly don’t get a pat on the back from the taxman for getting it right!

Help is at hand in the form of our expert accounts team. We have a mix of accountants who are fully trained and up to speed with the current VAT rules.

Our services aren't limited to filing your VAT Return each quarter. Whatever your legal status – Limited Company, Sole Trader, Partnership or LLP, we can deal with all aspects of VAT.

You may be unsure whether you need to apply for VAT Registration. There are a range of VAT Schemes available, and we'll give you bespoke advice on the most suitable one for you. We can prepare your VAT Return for you, either as part of our Outsourced Finance Function service, or by reviewing your own bookkeeping on your Xero or Freeagent system.

And because things don’t always go to plan we can also deal with HMRC on your behalf if you're facing a late VAT Payment, or have received VAT Surcharges. The number of VAT Inspections that HMRC carry out is increasing rapidly and we can manage these for you, and deal with any VAT Disputes that arise.

Just email or call our team on 0131 220 0152 for help with any area of VAT or to arrange a free VAT consultation.

And take a look at our Top 10 Common VAT errors so you can get things right first time.

VAT returns

Our fixed fee VAT return service includes a full expert review of all of your VAT transactions

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VAT registration

Our specialist team can prepare your VAT registration from start to finish

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VAT schemes

​If you thought there was just one way to account for VAT, then think again!

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VAT payment

Our VAT experts can work alongside you to make sure you plan correctly for VAT payments

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VAT surcharges

Don't be late! VAT surcharges (or VAT default surcharges) are penalties that could be levied by HMRC

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VAT inspections

By using our VAT returns service you can make sure that your VAT records are accurate, accessible and up to date

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VAT disputes

Sometimes, a VAT dispute can arise where the amount of VAT due cannot be agreed with a business

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Top 10 Common VAT errors

If you've fallen foul of any of these, let us help you never do it again!

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Other services

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