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All of our annual service packages are offered to you on a fixed fee basis. This allows you to budget for your accounting fees and pay in 12 equal installments, and helps you avoid the pain of a big annual bill. But it also it also upgrades us! We become your year round business support service and not just another accountant who gives you some checks and balances once a year.

We include all routine telephone and email queries in that fixed price. That’s questions and queries that take 15 minutes or less to resolve. And we’re proud that we resolve at least 90% of client queries in less than that time. Our one goal is simple. We want to make sure you’re never afraid to pick up the phone or drop us a line.

Unlike most accounting firms, we simply don’t charge by the hour. We use a system of value pricing. That means we aim to give you peace of mind that we look after your accounting and tax affairs on time and with a high level of professional care.

In a way, you don’t really care how much time we take in the office to prepare your accounts or tax returns. So why should be charge you by the hour for that work? Our value pricing approach is designed so that you have an all year round business advisor for a fraction of the cost of hiring your own finance staff. Simple as that.

And if you’d like us to do any additional work we’ll agree a fixed fee in advance of any work being carried out. This might be things like:

  • Preparing financial forecasts to support an overdraft or loan application
  • Additional bookkeeping work to fix errors or reconciliation issues
  • Mortgage reference letters
  • Additional meetings over and above the ones included in your service package

If you’d like to know more about how our personal fixed fee support can give you peace of mind that everything’s in order – just drop us a line. Get in touch here or give us a call on 0131 220 015 for a chat.