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If you’re starting a business and require a limited company or LLP we can register it for you. Typically this can be done in 48 hours from when you send us your information.

There are lots of online incorporation services. But our premium service focuses on making sure that your company is structured in the most tax efficient manner. We’ve seen many clients register their own company on the Internet to save money only to discover they’ve missed out on big tax savings by not seeking the right advice on the best share structure. Don’t let that be you!

We’ll take you through the best share structure options and agree which one is most appropriate for you. This can involve the use of alphabet shares, a holding company, or a combined LLP / Limited Company structure.

If you’re registering your first company we’ll also give you a tax planning solution. This means you can pay yourself (and co-Directors / shareholders if appropriate) in the most tax efficient manner. And finally, we’ll also give you the certificate of incorporation, and the memorandum and articles of the company.

Forming a company? Give us a call on 0131 220 015 to have a chat about the most efficient way to proceed.