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The Confirmation Statement is a statement of the officers and shareholders of the company which is submitted to Companies House on an annual basis. In 2016 it was renamed as the ‘Confirmation Statement’ and was previously known as the 'Annual Return'.

Companies are now required to disclose people who exert ‘Significant Control’ over it’s operations, either through holding over 25% of the share capital themselves or with a family member, or perhaps through shares held in a holding company.

The Confirmation Statement has a filing date of the anniversary of the date that your company was incorporated. This is usually different to the filing deadline for your Annual Accounts. It also includes details of specific rights attaching to each class of shares.

The Confirmation Statement may sound simple, but contains a lot of questions that must be answered with the utmost transparency and accuracy. The good news is that we file hundreds of returns each year, and have highly skilled and trained staff who are able to prepare the filing on your behalf.

We will confirm the shareholdings and officers with you and then prepare and submit the return electronically.

Please contact our team on 0131 220 0152 to discuss how we can assist with the filing of your annual Confirmation Statement.

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