Latest HMRC telephone scams

The two new HMRC telephone scams you should be aware of:

There are two new HMRC telephone scams to be aware of:

Scam 1. HMRC has become aware of a telephone scam where a recorded message is left, allegedly from HMRC, that starts: “This is Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs. We have been trying to reach you to let you know that we are filing a law suit against you.” The recipient is then asked to phone 0161 850 8563 and press “1” to speak to the officer dealing with the case. Do not to reply to this message as they will then try to extract money from you.

Scam 2. In this scam a bogus caller rings up an accountant and poses as an HMRC money laundering (ML) investigator. The caller says that they had previously sent a letter to the accountant about an ML report on one of their clients (the accountant may not have actually received a letter). The client then receives a call allegedly from their bank to say HMRC wants three years’ bank statements. So the client calls their accountant who confirms that HMRC has contacted them and so unwittingly gives credibility to the request for bank statements. The fraudsters then try to trick the client into giving them online access to their bank account to access the statements.

Tip 1. If the caller can’t verify their identity, you should never disclose any personal details.

Tip 2. If you receive either of these scam calls, report it on the Action Fraud website or you can call HMRC to report it 0300 123 2040.

You may receive a legitimate call from HMRC to discuss a business records check. HMRC will write to you first to advise that they will be telephoning you.

The basic rule is to be very cautious if you receive a call from HMRC.

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