Don’t be afraid to ask for help from an Expert !

As human beings we are very good at putting things off and not asking for help when we need it. Chris tells the tale of a learning a painful lesson (and a broken finger)

Chris writes:

I’ve learned a lesson on procrastination and not asking for help when I needed it.

A couple of weeks ago I stubbed the end of my little finger and felt a little ‘pop’. It was pretty sore and the next day it still looked bruised and swollen.

Every day for the last fortnight I’ve looked at it and thought

“I really should get that checked….it’s probably nothing…….don’t want to waste anyone’s time……but I’m busy. I’ll do that tomorrow!”

Of course, all those tomorrows piled up and my wee finger developed a personality of its own, slightly crooked and puffy.

So EVENTUALLY I went down to minor injuries at the local hospital at 7:30 last night to get it checked out. A quick chat, X-Ray and thirty minutes later I walk out with a splint on my two-week old broken finger and a flea in my ear from the nurse for not coming in sooner.

What have I learned? – it’s OK to ask for help from a professional when you’re not sure about something. (Oh, and stop putting things off).

Many prospects and clients come to us asking for advice once it’s too late. A little forward planning on tax or getting funding for your business might save you even greater pain in the future.

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