HMRC tax enquiries and records checks

It’s very satisfying to receive the “all clear” from the taxman!

HMRC can conduct business records checks at any time. This can
cause great concern for business owners, as they often think they must have
done something wrong if HMRC want to come and inspect the business. However
most HMRC checks are entirely random and often focus on one of the three main
taxes (Corporation Tax, VAT and PAYE).

In most cases the records checks can be dealt with in a few
hours. If you engage an accountant to prepare and submit your corporation tax
returns, VAT returns, and run your payroll, then your business records will be
accurate and transparent. This in turn can make a records check enjoyable: it’s
very satisfying to receive the “all clear” from the taxman!

Our experienced staff can help manage the enquiry or records
check, and deal with HMRC on your behalf.

Just email or call our team on 0131 220 0152 for a chat about our HMRC
enquiries and records checks service

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