Watch our “1st Tuesday” monthly webinar

1st Tuesday Business Webinar

On the first Tuesday of each month, we hold a half-hour webinar which is packed full of tax and business advice. The content varies from month to month but will always include

  • Covid-19 support for businesses
  • Tax savings tips
  • Book of the Month
  • Podcast of the Month
  • Productivity Tips
  • A special guest or two!

This month we feature ;

  • Tax Tips : 3 tax tips that won’t cost employers a penny but help their employees pay less tax
  • Book of the month : Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferris
  • Podcast of the Month : The High Performance Podcast by Jake Humphries and Damian Hughes *
  • Productivity Hacks : (1) Speeding up a YouTube Video (2) The Pomodoro Technique (3) Digital Cold Turkey

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