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Mackerel Media
Nick Craig, Internet Marketing Agency, Edinburgh

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What makes you unique in your marketplace?

  • Our approach is bespoke to every client and we never use any form of unethical or low-quality online marketing techniques. Rather we focus on building sustainable and long-lasting improvement for our clients that will keep on returning a profit for years to come.

Who are your customers?

  • A very wide variety of companies including ecommerce companies, financial services, professional services, property, food and drink, to name a few.

How did the company get started?

  • I started the business in 2008 after returning from a 6-month career break travelling the world. I had previously run a digital agency for someone else and thought it was time to work for myself.

What were you looking for in an accountant before finding One Accounting?

  • Pragmatic advice, a modern approach, an understanding of our sector and value for money.

Why did you choose One Accounting?

  • I was recommended to Chris Thomas by a colleague and was immediately impressed by his willingness to talk in my language, his modern approach and his immediate advice on how best to structure my business. I also felt the fees represented good value for money.

Do you feel the services One Accounting provides has helped you get your finances organised?

  • Absolutely. We rely on them for a wide range of services, all of which have helped in the administration and profitability of the business. I’ve often found that the informal advice is the most useful in terms of the bigger picture.

What is the main service that you have seen the most benefit from?

  • Setting up the company, VAT registration and planning advice.

What business advice would you give other growing companies in Scotland?

  • Focus relentlessly on wining the right kind of customers, and keeping them. One happy customer now can lead to five, ten or twenty in the future.