The True Power of a Habit is to Make the Behaviour Automatic

Habits are a big deal in our lives because about 45% of what we do every day that sort of feel like decisions, are actually habits.

So, when a behaviour becomes a habit, it becomes an automatic behaviour… this is the key to a successful business.

Every business needs new customers but don’t ever forget that the easiest way to grow your business is right under your nose with your existing customers.

Your existing customers already know your company. To keep your existing customers coming back you need to apply a successful formula to their buying, so it becomes a habit (something that they do unconsciously and then cannot live without). Think about what your customers are purchasing and the other needs those purchases may trigger.

For example, iTunes allows you to download and purchase songs from them in the form of media files. To secure your loyalty they will also store them for you in your own library. Pay a little more and you have access to their library of over a million songs and albums that you can stream and play for free.

They cleverly, therefore, secure your loyalty to purchase by offering you something that you now cannot do without.

Learn here how to turn the habits of your customers into automatic behaviour and secure their loyalty and your business success.