Set simple goals and help your business grow

For the appraisal process to work it must suit the culture of your business. Done right the process can be a success for both the smallest business and multinational corporations. Timpsons the cobblers story is proof that appraisals can even work for manual labourers.

Timpsons, the cobblers, heel bar and repairs retailer is a very successful business with hundreds of outlets all over the country. John Timpson has heralded an ‘upside down management approach’, embedded within this approach are the same key elements of an effective appraisal system that grows people in order to grow its business. Every team in every store is free to run their own branch in the way they feel is best with their sales target being their one and only goal.

This means that the goals are simple, the goals help grow the business and the framework of transparency and accountability means that the team are empowered and they in turn want to work towards growing themselves and the business. Given that Timpsons employees are mainly rehabilitated criminals this is a testament to the simplicity of the well managed performance review process.

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