Are reviews part of the culture of your business?

Does anyone really relish the idea of appraisals or performance reviews? Let’s be honest most of us don’t. Mostly because appraisals fail to be effective. Most appraisals fail to work well because they are not taken seriously enough by leaders and managers.

If as a business leader you’re convinced about the value and intrinsic success to the business of the appraisal process, then you must get wholeheartedly involved in every review until they become part of the culture of the business. When you work alongside every manager and every worker through the appraisal process you will be sending a very clear message about your belief in the value of performance reviews.

In their book ‘One page talent management’ Marc Effron and Miriam Ort believe that simple is best and that ‘by eliminating complexity and adding value, we help convince managers that these simple, easy-to-use practices will help them manage with very little effort’

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