What are the best Business blogs of 2020?(and books, podcasts and websites)

What are the best business blogs of 2020? It is that time of year when the internet starts to fill up with everyone’s “Best of” reviews of 2020. Of course, we could all fill a book with our “Worst of” this year. But to keep things positive here is the One Accounting guide to the […]

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Can I pay my January tax by instalments?

The deadline for submitting your 2019-20

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How to calculate your Corporation Tax liability using Xero

Xero is a great app. But a common question we are asked from our tech savvy clients is “How do I calculate the corporation tax liability using Xero?” Don’t bury your head with tax As the saying goes, there are two certainties in life : Death and Taxes. Yet many business owners bury their head […]

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Sssshhh – it’s time for the Christmas Party!

Now is usually the time that businesses are

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Furlough Scheme extended to March 2021

It’s going to be here for a while – the Furlough Scheme has been extended to March 2021! There have been more changes to the Furlough scheme (and it’s offspring, the Job Support Scheme) in the last two months than our team care to remember. On 6th November, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced that the Coronavirus […]

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Can I carry forward a corporation tax loss?

Corporation Tax relief may be available where a

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Can I give my employees a tax free Christmas present?

If you are an employer and looking to give a small

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Newsflash : Job Retention Scheme extended to the end of November

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson speaking at a


Job Support Scheme – FAQ

What is the Job Support Scheme? ** UPDATE. The Job Support Scheme has been delayed until at least 1st December 2020. This is because the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme has been extended until the end of November. ** The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) will close on 31st October. The government is providing additional support […]


Can I transfer a company property to personal ownership?

How do you transfer a company property to personal ownership? We were recently contacted by Fred, whose company bought a residential property several years ago which he lives in. His co-directors have recommended that the property be transferred to the shareholders’ personal ownership. What are the possible tax consequences? Company-owned dwellingsHMRC aren’t keen on a […]